Use of Redirection Technique in Senior Care

By nature, when a loved one is upset or anxious about anything, we pay attention, empathize, and sometimes even try to help. We do our best to show them that we value and respect them because we care about them. However, due to memory loss, we may find abnormality in their brain functions and cognitive […]

8 Ways to Help Seniors Balance Support and Independence

If your senior loved one gets in-home care and assistance, their life changes dramatically. They’ll still wish to be independent, and many people don’t like relying on others to do their tasks. This way of thinking is very usual as your parents were doing their own laundry, cooking, and housework before you were born. It […]

15 Best Outdoor Activities for Senior Residents

Today’s senior citizens lead an exciting, energetic lifestyle that can make younger people jealous! There is always something enjoyable to do outside, as long as it doesn’t compromise the older adult’s health or safety, regardless of the season. Especially during retirement when they have more leisure time, spending time outdoors with the best outdoor activities […]